The Srujana Jathiya Nrithyotsavalu

It’s January, the beginning of the New Year with a whole lot of new promises. And the turn of the year 2018 brightened up art aficionados of Hyderabad and Vijayawada, as they were flooded with a vibrant showcase of Indian dance and culture. The Srujana Cultural and Literary Organization held the Srujana Jathiya Nrithyotsav in Hyderabad and Viyayawada on the 3 rd , 4 th and 5 th of this month. The organization paved the way for renowned dancers across India to get together as a part of art and cultural integration of the country.

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By the beginning of this month, the city of Hyderabad glittered with an eclectic spectrum of Indian dances. The dances included Kuchipudi Nrityam, Matki, Perini, Lasyam, Yakshaganam, Ghoomer, Bharatnatyam, Garba, Simhanadini, Lavani, Khatak, Bhangara, Odissi, Golla Kallapam, Mohiniyattom, Katahkali, Goudiya dance, Bihu, Sathriya and Manipuri.

According to Remya Teja, secretary of the organization, “Srujana cultural and literary organization is 26 year old organization. We started the organization to encourage young dancers, singers and the likes of them to propagate our culture more. As nrityam or dance is an offering or puja to god. Dance or music is eventually a medium to spread divinity and spirituality. Srujana performed Nritya Pooja with many dancers from across India in about 101 famous ancient temples all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We want to follow this tradition and encourage upcoming artists.”

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The Srujana Organization also confers many awards to achievers in the society at large. “We at Srujana, pick up the real achievers and felicitate them with Srujana Life Time Achievement and Excellency Awards. Srujana also encourages achievers from sports who have won accolades by representing our country in various sports. We award them the Srujana Sports Achievers Award.” Remya is also one of the dancers who performed at Nrithya Utsav.

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Srujana also handles many social causes. Spandana is a home for the children of lepers providing food, education and shelter for those children and turning them into good citizens of the country. The Aartayana is a finance scheme to help small business owners like daily vendors. The organization gives these small owners interest-free loans and collects the money back in a period of time. “It’s a noble cause, where we are helping them without them losing their self-respect” explains Remya about the scheme. “We are also planning to conduct Srujana Gana Utsav sometime in the coming months bringing forth the many musicals of our country on one platform. This is still in the planning phase” continues Remya.