Are Timeless Board Games Getting Back Their Lost Luster

Board games were a definite past time for children and adults alike until the end of the last century, when computer games started to rule the roost. And unlike the new-age and trending online games, board games transcend centuries and were supposedly said to be the favorite past time of even kings and queens. The Game of Dice was presumably one of the most popular among them and the marks of it can still be seen in ancient sites like the Hampi in Karnataka, Lepakshi in Andhara and Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. Many variants of Indian paintings depict the Hindu Gods and Goddesses playing these board games.

There is a whole wonder world out there, if you are interested to relive any of these age-old Indian board games. They are a getaway from the throngs of the new-age web games which are proving to be life threatening at times.

The ‘Chaturanga’ is possibly one of the oldest versions of modern chess, but with twists that could really get you to work your brains beyond its limits.

The “Moksha Padam’ or ‘Gyan Chauper’ is another primeval Indian game which has plenty of variants in its modern version of its ‘Snakes and Ladders’. It was predominantly an age-old Indian game that later spread to the rest of the world. This game was often played during olden times to more or less ingrain the message of Morality among the players rather than just the entertainment factor. The major message of the game was to go to different levels of inner consciousness until you reach the ultimate end which is Moksha.

‘Pallankuzhi’, a very popular ancient South Indian game is gaining its lost popularity. This strategy game of sorts is also part of different camps organized for children and adults alike. You play ‘Pallankuzhi’ on a rectangular wooden plank consisting of 2 rows and 7 columns which are divided into 14 cups or holes. Tamarind seeds are usually used to fill the holes.

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‘Aadu Pulli Aatam’ or the game of the ‘Lamb and the Tiger’ is a strategy game for 2 players, where one player has up to three tigers and the other player handles around 15 lambs. The tigers hunt the lambs and the lambs try to block their enemy’s movements for their safety.

‘Pachisi’ is often called the National Game of India. The game board is cut to a perfect symmetrical cross.It is a game for 2-4 players. The players move their pieces on the board based on their throw of the shells which should be effectively 6 or 7.

‘Chauka Bara’ is almost alike on the lines of Ludo. The four players try to get to the safety of their homes as fast as they can. It is in fact a base game to learn strategy moves.

Parents are slowly realizing the worth of these board games for children, majorly having witnessed the endless amount of destruction caused by virtual games. Even adults are slowly turning to playing these games during their free time as the virtual world is waging war out there.

For Sriranjini, these board games were her childhood favorites and she wanted her children to also learn about them. According to her, what started as a pastime with her children soon spread across to many a beautiful evenings with her extended family members and friends - all of them reliving their long forgotten childhoods. These board games soon became a sort of fascination for her. She visited Centers and NGOs involved in making such old-time crafts. After more researches and spending considerable time with grandmothers to learn more on these games, she really wanted the world at large to know about what she had learned. She sat down and decided to make something out of the knowledge she gained about these ancient board games-surely an escape for children and adults alike.And thus was born Kavade- a store for traditional board games.

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Kavade is a must visit store for traditional board games- majorly ones that are on the edge of slipping into oblivion. It is a store to get away from the tech world and relive a bygone era. Kavade even has an open space called ‘Attic’ to play these old games including ones like Hopscotch, to host parties and for an evening get-together for talks and laughter. Kavade also organizes board game workshops and tournaments for schools and offices.

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