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Annamayya’s kritis have an intrinsic srungararasa in them and focus on the love life of the Lord and Alamelmanga. An interesting thought to ponder is whether this concept would be accepted with the same level of tolerance today. Rao is emphatic in his answer to this question when he says madhurabhakthi is a state of mind where the devotee ignores the common world and thinks only of the Lord. The devotee thinks of himself as the Lords’s wife and wants to share his happiness, sadness and entire life with the Lord. Bhakthi is merely a stage in a person’s life towards the path to enlightenment. It is only when one sees the larger picture that one begins to realize the relevance and divinity of kritis such as Annamyya’s. Today’s generation will find that these works of art are priceless gems that can shape people’s thoughts and acts for the larger good.One only needs to make them available and easily accessible.

About G.B.Sankara Rao

An ardent devotee and passionate scholar of Annamacharya literature, Dr G B Sankara Rao is credited with writing commentary for 500+ sankeertanas through books “Annamayya Padamritavarshini” & “Annamayya Padamandakini”. Sankara Rao has unearthed 300+ Sankeertanas from Tanjore Saraswati Mahal library and also from Sri Venkateswara Oriental Research Institute Tirupati. These collections were on palm leaves and paper manuscripts. His contribution extends as lectures in many universities, colleges, schools and public organizations. He gives talks on Annamayya to All India Radio, Tirupati and Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. He also developed the script for a documentary on Annamayya for Bhakti TV and conducted a workshop on Annamayya songs in Trissur, Kerala. Sankara Rao’s interest extends to the field of Indian classical dance also. This resulted in his contribution to “Gollakalapam”, a dance drama dealing with embryology written by Tarigonda Vengamamba who was a great devotee and author of many works on Lord Sri Venkateswara.

Sankara Rao holds Post graduate degrees in Biochemistry and Telugu and currently works with the Shantha Biotechnics in Hyderabad. He is an author of several research papers which were published in national & international journals. He delivers lectures every year in Annamayya Vardhanti &Jayanthi festivals organized by the Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams (TTD). The Telugu University of Hyderabad conferred “Keerthi Puraskaram” to Sankara Rao for his services to the field of research in Telugu language.


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