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Sri Sathguru says,” To get a job, even a peon’s job, you have to possess certain qualifications. Then are there no qualifications to attain God which is the most wonderful thing in the Universe?”

Many teachers of spiritual life water down the ideal so that more people come to them so that their teaching is more acceptable to the masses, but in the end they are to use the Upanishadic expression, “blind leading the blind.”

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Sri Sathguru once said, “The Highest wisdom is not something which can be easily attained; it need hard work, discriminative insight and a firm resolve. People who do not have or want to have are just fooling themselves and wasting their time. It would be much better if they were sweeping the streets or ploughing the fields. At least they would be doing something, which would benefit the world.”

The Atma, the Upanishads tell us, cannot be attained by just listening to the words of people who give lectures, it cannot be attained by giving them either, nor by intellectual thought and reasoning. The Self is attained by those whom it chooses

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And Sri Sathguru has in the passage cited above shown us who are chosen. In this ardous but fulfilling path, the only help is the Guru, Sri Sathguru says, “Like a father or a mother helps and teaches a child to walk holding its hand when necessary, removing its support to make it walk by itself, the Guru helps the disciple. His hand is there to help, for us to hold onto and to show us the right direction. But we must see it.”

The Sastras have shown us that it is possible to attain freedom from thralldom even in this birth. The sight of sages like Sri Sathguru shows us that it can be attained and that the words of the Sastras are true. All that remains is for us to follow the path that they have shown us, but that can be only through hard work and sincerity. Freedom is not for free.

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May Sri Sathguru at whose Lotus Feet this is placed grant us all the mind to follow the path that Sri Sathguru has shown us!

Sri Sathguru arpanamastu!


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