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The last stage in the teaching is the giving of the blessing, the assurance of protection. When Sri Krishna the Jagathguru, the Poorna Avatara, blesses Arjuna the representative of humankind, the blessing is powerful enough to last for thousands of years Beginning with the 61st verse of the 18th chapter and ending with the final assurance of the Charana sloka, they are a personal assurance not only to Arjuna but also to each and every one of us. Arjuna in a smaller way gives his assurance to Uttaran who was terrified when he heard the sound of Arjuna’s conch and promises to retrieve Uttaran’s possessions for him.

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The effect of the teaching is transforming. If the teaching does not change the nature of the recipient it means that either the teacher has not got the necessary realization to be able to teach effectively or the disciple is not worthy of receiving it. The result of a teaching if the teacher, disciple and teaching are true is the transformation of the disciple. Because the teacher is part of a line of teachers starting with God Himself. The teaching and the sakthi that accompanies it is passed down through the teacher to disciple. In Arjuna’s case there was a transformation, he went into battle fought without personal hatred and was able to forgive even evil people like Krpa who had killed his own children. In Uttaran’s case we find him transformed filled with confidence, eager for battle experience and later at Kurukshetra, he acquitted himself well, dying on the battlefield.

As Sri Bhagavan himself says, nahi jnanena sadrsam pavitram iha vidyate “There is nothing so purifying as knowledge.” As long as Uttaran’s courage was based on his ego fed by sycophantic courtiers, it was vulnerable. But when he came into contact with a true mahatma, he was transformed and his courage became like steel tempered in fire, which brought him eternal glory and viraswarga on the battlefield in Kurukshetra.

All fear comes from ignorance and like darkness disappearing with the onset of light disappears when knowledge dawns. The Brhadaranyaka Upanishad (I.iv.1) says

So bibhet, tasmadekaki bibheti; sa haayamiikshaam chakre yanmadanyannasti, kasmaannu bibhemiiti, tat evaasya bhayam viiyaaya kasmaddyabhesyat? Dvitiyaadvai bhayam bhavati.

“He was afraid. Therefore people are afraid when they to be alone. He thought, “If there is nothing else but me, what am I afraid of?” From that alone his fear was gone, for what was there to fear? It is from a second entity that fear comes.”

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All good qualities have their origin in wisdom. True courage can exist only where there is wisdom. May Sri Sathguru at whose Feet this is placed grant us all true wisdom!

Sri Sathguruarpanamastu!


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