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Sadhinchane is composed in Arabhi raga and is set to Aditala. The poem is filled with metaphors and similes while avoiding unnecessary adjectives. The Kritis is a playful praise of Lord Rama. The poet says his God is the valiant hero of the entire universe but he bullied his Gopis- the ladies of Vrindavan, the abode of Lord Krishna. The poet says that his playful God always make the ladies fall in love with him and eventually make them worship him. From the mid of this Kriti, the poet praise the Lord, showering beautiful descriptions about him in every line of the poem.

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Kana Kana Ruchira:

Tyagaraja composed Kana Kana Ruchira in Varali raga and set it Aditala. This Kriti is yet again another ingenious composition of the Saint. The great poet says to his God that his radiant face is as flawless as milk. Sita, the beautiful wife of Lord Rama, shyly glances at her handsome husband. Tyagaraja says, that his Lord Rama shines like the morning Sun and is decked in floral garlands. The poet tells his God that he gave the young Druva happiness when he was badly treated by his step-mom. The saint continues to extol his favorite god in all the remaining lines of the poem.

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Entaro Mahanu Bahavulu:

Tyagaraga is someone who never took any credit for the innumerable yet most appealing poetry he churned out. Entaro Mahanu Bahavulu speaks volumes of his greatness wherein he considers himself a very humble soul when compared to his contemporaries and other great saints. The Telugu poem is composed in Sri ragam and in every line, the great saint praises the greatness of all the devotees and saints including sages like Narada and Saunaka. This kriti is believed to be one of the earliest poems of the saint. There are conflicting beliefs that the sage sung this Kriti for the great Malayalam Poet Sadkala Govind Marar, when he visited Tyagaraja. But many believe that the saint had composed this poem when he was young and probably sung it when he met Marar.

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Saint Tyagaraja is highly revered as one among the trinities of Carnatic music. The other two musical giants, Shyama Sastry and Muthu Swami Dikshitar were his contemporaries and the three stalwarts shaped Carnatic music with their ingenious contributions. Every year in January,Tyagaraja Music Festival is held at Thrivayoor to commemorate the death year of the revered Saint. The 5 day long festival is an honored conclave for renowned Carnatic musicians spread across the globe. On the last day of the festival, which also happens to be the day of demise of the saint, the musicians walk in a procession through the streets of Thrivayur, singing and collecting alms just like how the Saint used to do daily back when he was alive. This is called Uchavruthi and it is believed that the Saint walked through the streets every day, singing the glory of Lord Rama while taking alms from every house on the streets in order to provide offerings to his favorite God. The procession starts at 6am in the morning of the last day of the festival, also called the Pushya Bahula anchami day. After this the singers gather at the Samadhi Mandir of the saint and sing the Pancharatna Kritis. Thousands of singers sing the Kritis as a group. The Nadasawaram artists start to play their flute followed by the violinists, veena players and the other instrumentalists with their respective instruments. The vocal singers then join the choir. They first start singing Sree Ganapathim in raga Sourashtram and Gurulekha Etuventi in the raga Gowri Manohari as a tribute to Lord Ganapati and to the entire Guru clan before singing the Pancharatna Kritis. During the mellifluous rendering of the 5 kritis, the Abishekam or the holy bath is performed on the statue of the saint at the Samadhi Mandir. In 2018, the Aradhana festival starts from 2nd Jan to 6th Jan. For more details about the festival, please visit this link.


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