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A Padam on environmental issues


The pure and sacred ‘Papavinasanam’, I saw
The ‘Akasaganga’ which can be received into the hands, I saw
The divinity of all auspicious ‘teerthas’, here – itself I saw
The ‘Koneru’ that is praised by the learned, I saw

A Padam with reference to women empowerment:


“Women can rule over the world”

According to Rao, while the TTD has been doing commendable work in restoring Annamayya’s compositions since 1998, factors like resource availability and administrative constraints limit the possibilities in it. The reach of Annamayya and his compositions are far more than what the TTD is currently involved in. The oriental libraries in Tanjore, Srirangam and Kumbakonam are unexplored repositories of his works. Rao himself has unearthed a manuscript of 300 songs from the Tanjore library, SV Oriental Research Institute, Tirupati and plans to publish them through the Shantha Vasantha Trust. Another bottleneck that he highlights is the language barrier and the non-availability of translated works. This is one area which needs a lot of attention and if addressed can bring Annamayya’s works into the international arena. Rao is currently working with Dr.Adviteeya N Dixit & Ambika Ananthto translate the Telugu couplets by Chinnanna that depict the life history of Annamacharya. The book is expected to be published by the end of 2017.

Sankeertana Copper Plate

The TTD’s role in publicising Annamyya’s work is however not to be discounted. Annamyya’s family has been honoured with a lifetime recognition from the TTD. His family members have been offered employment by them. During the Suprabhat seva (dawn-ritual) at the temple, it is customary to play Annamyya’s kritis. This is how the Lord wakes up every day. The temple also closes daily with Annamyya’s lullabies during the evening ritual or Ekanta Seva . In addition to this, the TTD has popularized kritis through high profile singers such as MS Subbalakshmi who has always been synonymous with Bhakti in all her performances. All these endeavours have helped in bringing Annamyya’s work out from the shadows and into the public. With a higher level of support from the TTD and the central and state governments, Rao is confident that more of Annamyya’s work can be brought out in the future.


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