Ente Salabhanjika is a collection of the inspiring and creative journeys of artists and art forms across different parts of India. Our focus is on shining a light on the vibrant art and culture of India. With a deep rooted cultural heritage, India has one of the world’s largest collections of music, dance, theatre, folk arts, literary arts and festivals.

The magazine is brought to you by Saalabhanjika Studio for arts and Performance - an institution specialised in imparting training in south Indian classical art form to budding artists. Our vision is to develop it into a world class organization, extending training in both theory and practice of each branch of fine arts. The primary objective is to enhance the quality of communication in the media related to histrionics and to reintegrate learning and research to the presentation, performance and application of dance. Preservation, Transformation and Transfer are there essential processes that maintain any stable culture. We need to begin from the past, move through the present with a clear vision into the future. The loss of several culture complements has made sociological balance a task difficult to be reinstated. It is our earnest passion and effort to prevent further loss and spread the importance of the subject.