Ente Salabhanjika is a collection of the inspiring and creative journeys of artists and art forms across different parts of India. Our focus is on shining a light on the vibrant art and culture of India. With a deep rooted cultural heritage, India has one of the world’s largest collections of music, dance, theatre, folk arts, literary arts and festivals.

March 2019

Indian Musical Instruments

Sambal Folk Drum

Anyone who has visited the Indian state of Maharashtra during the exuberant Ganesh festival will remember the Ganapathi Visarjan (idol immersion) ceremony. Accompanied by the loud beating of drums, the visarjan ....


The All Beguiling Attukal Pongala

Women’s Day celebrated across the world on March 8th is a festivity of acclaiming womanhood. Come Women’s Day and women across the world...

February 2019


The Jain Beds

A one hour drive from Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India brings us to a small industrial town called KOVILLPATTI. Another 20km drive from Kovillpatti and we reach a remote location called ...


Vettuvan Koil

After a 20 km drive from Kovillpatti town in Tamil Nadu, we reach a remote location called Kolugumalai, a panchayat town in Thoothukudi district ...

The Wedding Tales

Kumaoni Weddings

Kumaoni are people from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand in India. In local parlance, the people of Kumaon are also referred to as "Pahari". Pahari or Kumaoni weddings are unique ...


International Festival Of Letters

India is a vibrant country, steeped heavily in arts and culture that are so varied that it may be the only country in the world with such rich variety. Indian literature is again ...

January 2019

Snippets of Our Folklore


Valluvanad was a prominent feudal state in the late medieval times in Kerala. The area was also renowned for its cultural heritage and folklore, riddled with myths and stories of the supernatural and unnatural powers.


Pongalo Pongal

India is a country of vibrant festivals; most of them heavily loaded with the spectacular flavors of its many states. And come January, the country is all set for her year-long marathon of festivals. As per the ...


A Paradise for Nature Lovers

Ponmudi or the Golden Peak is a beautiful hilltop with Mother Nature blanketing, one of her best spreads. The mesmerizing hill-station, located at about 61km from Thiruvananthapuram ...

Legends of Kerala

Parayi Petta Panthirukulam – Part 1

The legend of Parayi Petta Panthirukulam is one that has been retold from generations to generations among people in the Indian state of Kerala. But it's fascination and relevance is ...

Tribute to a Legend

The Father of Indian Comics

In February 1967, a young writer from Delhi was watching a television quiz show on the Doordarshan channel. He was stunned to see that the kids participating could reel off names from Greek mythology but were unable to answer the simple question ...

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