Ente Salabhanjika is a collection of the inspiring and creative journeys of artists and art forms across different parts of India. Our focus is on shining a light on the vibrant art and culture of India. With a deep rooted cultural heritage, India has one of the world’s largest collections of music, dance, theatre, folk arts, literary arts and festivals.

November 2018

The Art Connect

Make a “Green Christmas”

With Christmas just around the corner, we definitely should think of celebrating it in a greener way possible thereby reducing the gigantic amount of landfills happening ...

Art & Religion

Achara Pradhamo Dharma

We have, in the last few issues, been discussing various good qualities, which make it easier for us to practice good acharam...

Tribute to a Legend

Father of Indian Advertising

For any 80’s kid, the old “Hamara Bajaj” ad, replete with the cute boy, the reverberating music and the iconic Bajaj scooter will be a nostalgic ride down memory lane...

The Wedding Tales

Kashmiri weddings

The Indian state of Kashmir, the beautiful paradise on earth is home to some of the most beautiful customs during their weddings. Kashmiri Pandits ...


Amer Fort

The sprawling complex of the Amer Fort in Jaipur is a unique combination of colossal fortifications and unexpected charm. Boasting of symmetric Hindu and Muslim ...

Rituals & Traditions Revisited

Effective Predictions for Your Future

I remember my grandmother eagerly waiting for the new Panchangam before the new-year was to start in order to chart out our course of life for the year to come ...

October 2018

The Art Connect

The Compassionate Daughter of Mother Earth

Bhoomika, born after the 2018 Kerala floods, is the endearing little handcrafted doll on her boat, who, stoically represents the heart-wrenching cries of the thousands of women ...

Tribute to a Legend

Tribute to the Violin Maestro

Kerala and the world will miss the haunting tones of one of the most talented and celebrated violinists of the time – Balabhaskar Chandran. The music industry lost the violin maestro ...

The Wedding Tales

Nair Weddings

In today’s times of destination weddings and fairytale weddings, there are a mix of rituals and grandeur that vary according to the wishes of the couple and their families...

Art & Religion

Achara Pradhamo Dharma

Once there was an intelligent businessman. He was devoted to Dharma and to the worship of Sri Devi. Sri Devi and Mudevi ...


The Art of Doll Keeping

The Navarathri festivals - the nine days of festivities dedicated to the three Goddesses in the south of India is just over for the year. The charming ...


Vettuvan Koil

After a 20 km drive from Kovillpatti town in Tamil Nadu, we reach a remote location called Kolugumalai, a panchayat town in Thoothukudi district ...

September 2018

The Wedding Tales

Kodava Weddings

Indian weddings are as vibrant as the country and steeped in the rich culture of the nation - of course specific to the different regions, castes and creeds of India...

The Art Connect

Guidelines of Mohiniyattom

It is only when you adhere to the metrics and rules hand and feet movements does your dance attains a scientific beauty. Read through the following carefully to understand this better ...

Art & Religion

Ahara Suddho Sattwa Suddhi

A subject that often troubles sadhakas is the question of food. Since food goes directly into our bodies and influences our minds, we must be careful about ...

Temple Legends

The Lucky Red Seeds

The childhood memories of many among us in Kerela and other parts of India will mostly include the Manjadikkuru or the Lucky Red Seed. Hoarding these shiny red seeds and showing ...


The Jain Beds

A one hour drive from Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India brings us to a small industrial town called KOVILLPATTI. Another 20km drive from Kovillpatti and we reach a remote location called ...

Salabhanjika for You

Salabhanjika - The Divine Damsel

Salabhanjika, the impeccable dancer is often misunderstood as a prostitute for her style of dressing- always an inane enhancer to her voluptuous curves, and for her way of life...

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